To reduce joint pain, taking a good supplement formula, like Ultimate JointFlex Plus, can be very helpful, but is Reduce Joint Painthere anything else you can do for the swelling and pain?

Thankfully, over time people have found a number of simple things quite helpful…

Read on below for tips to help soothe joint pain naturally…


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Try the R.I.C.E strategy to ease your joint pain!

When you feel your knees are tender, don’t push on to get through cleaning the house, gardening or doing anything that can wait for tomorrow.

So that you don’t pay the price later, listen to your body and apply the R.I.C.E. method to soothe your joint pain:

(R) Rest your knees, treat them with some (I) Ice, (C) Compress them with a bandage and (E) Elevate them to reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling. That spells RICE – an easy strategy to remember.

If your pain is chronic, speak to your doctor to find out if Velcro strapping can help. They help keep your joints in place. Unstable joints is one of the sources of joint pain for some people.

Get a good pair of shoes to reduce joint pain in your knees…

Buy a good pair of shoes to walk around in, and a stable, soft pair of shoes for when you exercise, which by-the-way also helps soothe joint pain. Gentle exercises, like Tai Chi, is an effective way to loosen stiff joints and reduce pain. This has been confirmed in studies.

In both cases, make sure the sole of the shoes provide enough support and cushioning for your joints.

This will prevent the heavy impact from contact with the ground from worsening your joint problems.

To get an idea of the kind of shoes you can get, type “buy orthopaedic shoes” in your browser and then speak to a knowledgeable salesperson to help you select a good pair that fits your lifestyle.

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Reduce Joint Pain

Soak in a warm bath to reduce joint pain

Soaking in warm water is a very effective strategy to soothe stiff, sore knees. The warmth reduces swelling and inflammation, and the water supports the joints while this is happening.

And, it’s not just effective in reducing pain while you’re in the bath, the relief can last for hours afterwards.






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