Heart disease is a real concern for people with diabetes or prediabetes. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes – or prediabetes – it can feel like your world has been turned upside down…Heart disease

The way you have existed is thrown into question, and the number of changes to your diet and lifestyle can feel overwhelming…

But, as with all important tasks in life, the way to healthier and sustainable living comes in individual, smaller steps – when cumulatively achieve a meaningful impact.

One of these steps is deciding what you will drink going forward…

Find out below how choosing coffee, tea or water over sweetened drinks can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and early death…


COMPLETE blood sugar control in as little as 60 days?

How different would your life be if you weren’t constantly worrying about your blood sugar levels?

Imagine being able to go out for dinner and not stressing about the after-effects of your meal.

Or, foregoing your mid-afternoon naps for a game of golf, creating a new flower bed in your garden, or taking a long walk in Nature.

And, imagine not having to check your blood sugar so often because you KNOW it’s under control.

Well, I’m just about to show you how this could all possible with the help of a combination of natural nutrients that could help bring your blood sugar into COMPLETE control!

Replacing sugary drinks with tea, coffee or water can significantly reduce heart disease and deaths according to study…

The study was published in the medical journal BMJ, and involved data from almost 15,500 adults with diabetes…

Through questionnaires, the researchers established the dietary habits of participants, and then followed them for 18 and a half years…

During that time period, there were 3,447 cases of cardiovascular disease and 7,638 deaths.

After calibrating this data for other lifestyle factors and medical history, the researchers found that participants with the highest intake of sugary beverages (more than one serving a day) had a 20% increased risk of death from any cause compared with participants with the lowest intake (less than one serving a month).

When they drilled down further into the stats, they discovered that participants who drank up to six servings per day of these drinks, had a lower risk of death from all causes:

* 26% lower for coffee,
* 21% for tea,
* 23% for plain water,
* and 12% for low-fat milk.

Sweetened drink consumption was also associated with a 25% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and a 29% higher risk of cardiovascular disease-related deaths…

While those assocaited with these drinks were significantly lower:
* coffee drinkers – 18% less risk,
* low fat milk – 12% lower risk.

And compared with those who did not change their habits after being diagnosed with diabetes, there was a:
* an 18% lower mortality rate from all causes in those who increased their consumption of coffee,
* and a similar pattern for those who increased their consumption of tea and low-fat milk.

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Healthier blood sugar for LIFE couldn’t get easier than this one simple step!

With just three small capsules of FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control, you’re getting…

Berberine – the key to the Metabolic Master Switch that regulates blood sugar at cellular level!
Mulberry Leaf Extract – the sugar ‘sponge’ nutrient that reduces the entry of glucose levels into the blood stream!
Chromium – the mineral that ushers sugar into your cells and out of your blood stream!
Alpha-Lipoic Acid – the powerhouse in every single cell in your body which clears the way for insulin to do its job properly!
Biotin – the blood sugar vitamin that converts glucose into a form your cells can use for energy!
Magnesium – the blood sugar essential mineral deficient in people with insulin resistance!
Ginger – the medicinal anti-inflammatory wonder that prevents high blood sugar levels.

This could mean no more dozing off in front of the TV… or raiding the fridge for a midnight snack… or constantly worrying about your sugar level counts…

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Heart disease and diabetes management is possible with this tip

So, if you´re feeling overwhelmed with how to change your diet to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, or how to manage your blood sugar levels more effectively, this is a good and simple place to start…

Swap sugary drinks for coffee, tea or water…

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