Diabetes, or high cholesterol and triglycerides levels?Diabetes cholesterol triglycerides

If your blood sugar and lipids are off balance, this herb could help bring them back into alignment.

It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years – originally, it was a favourite for digestive issues and fever – but scientists have since discovered it’s also beneficial for these modern ailments.

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COMPLETE blood sugar control in as little as 60 days?

How different would your life be if you weren’t constantly worrying about your blood sugar levels?

Imagine being able to go out for dinner and not stressing about the after-effects of your meal.

Or, foregoing your mid-afternoon naps for a game of golf, creating a new flower bed in your garden, or taking a long walk in Nature.

And, imagine not having to check your blood sugar so often because you KNOW it’s under control.

Well, I’m just about to show you how this could all possible with the help of a combination of natural nutrients that could help bring your blood sugar into COMPLETE control!

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Study shows this herb could work as well as metformin for diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides

The herb is berberine. It piqued scientists’ interests over a decade ago when it showed in a study that it could work as well as metformin to control blood sugar – without any serious adverse side-effects.

In one study, 36 adults with newly diagnosed type II diabetes were randomly assigned to treatment with berberine or metformin (500 milligrams of either, three times per day) over a 13-week trial.

At the end of the study, the average fasting blood sugars in the berberine group dropped from 191 to 124 milligrams per deciliter, average post-prandial blood sugar (blood sugar after eating) dropped from 356 to 199 milligrams per deciliter, the average haemoglobin A1c (a measurement of
longer-term blood sugar control) dropped from 9.5% to 7.5% and fasting triglycerides dropped from an average of 99 to 78 milligrams per deciliter.

The researchers wrote, “Compared with metformin, berberine exhibited an identical effect in the regulation of glucose metabolism… In the
regulation of lipid metabolism, berberine activity is better than metformin”.

In 13 short weeks, the triglycerides and total cholesterol in the berberine group had decreased significantly lower than in the metformin group (P<0.05).

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The accidental discovery of this herb…

This 3000-year-old home remedy that was used to treat digestive disorders and fever.

Then in 1988, Chinese doctors gave this extract to hospitalised diabetic patients suffering from diarrhoea. And, that’s when they accidentally discovered its POWERFUL effect in reducing blood sugar levels.

The patients’ fasting blood glucose improved – in just 90 days.

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Adrenal Revive Plus

How to help activate the Metabolic Master Switch in your cells for more balanced blood sugar

There’s a natural compound found in a number of plants that’s been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to help treat a variety of ailments.

It has the ability to help activate an enzyme in cells called the Metabolic Master Switch. When this happens, your body can switch specific genes on and off to regulate your metabolism – at cellular level!

The results: Lower blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity in cells, muscles use more glucose for energy, reduced sugar production in the liver and a delayed breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

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