Arthritic joints can affect your quality of life so reducing the discomfort and pain can be beneficial…

Both ginger and turmeric have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.Arthritic joints

That´s why they´re a great combination for helping relieve chronic pain from arthritis.

See below a recipe for a tonic that you can make at home which could help soothe the tenderness in your joints…

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Try this ginger and turmeric tonic for sore, arthritic joints

Ingredients you’ll need:

* Handful of whole ginger root (grated)
* Handful of whole turmeric root (grated)
* 1 tbsp whole black peppercorns (yes – the whole inedible peppercorns)
* 3 litres of water (boiling)
* Raw honey (optional)

Tools you’ll need:

* Handheld grater or food processor to grate the roots;
* Blender or immersion wand to blend the mixture;
* Cloth, sieve or strainer to strain the tonic; and
* Bowl with a fitted lid that holds about 3.5 litres of liquid.

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What to do:

Boil a kettle of water. While it’s boiling, wash the ginger and turmeric.

Grate the roots into fine bits. Scrape all the grated powder into a bowl and add the whole black peppercorns and boiling water, and then cover.

Put another kettle of water on. Once it’s boiled, add that water, and then replace the cover. In total, you’ll add about three litres of boiling water.

After you’ve added all the water, add honey to sweeten the drink if desired.

Allow the liquid to steep for eight to 12 hours. Leave it on the counter, unrefrigerated, until the next morning.

Pour the liquid through a sieve to remove all the solid matter, and then cover and store it in the refrigerator.

Sip this tonic on your tea breaks as a refreshing and soothing drink.

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