If you´re diabetic, you know you need to reduce blood sugar spikes and keep your reduce blood sugar spikes blood glucose levels as steady as possible…But even if you´re not diabetic, avoiding blood sugar spikes reduces those extreme highs and lows in energy levels during the day…

The good news is you don´t have to give up carbs completely, in fact everybody benefits from eating carbs! If you apply one basic rule to the way you eat, you will help prevent:* blood sugar spikes* low energy levels through the day* feeling hungry * craving sweet foodsFind out below how you can eat carbs more wisely to avoid blood sugar spikes…


How to activate the Metabolic Master Switch in your cells for more balanced blood sugar

There’s a natural compound found in a number of plants that’s been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to help treat a variety of ailments.

It has the ability to help activate an enzyme in cells called the Metabolic Master Switch. When this happens, your body can switch specific genes on and off to regulate your metabolism – at cellular level!

The results: Lower blood sugar levels, improved insulin sensitivity in cells, muscles use more glucose for energy, reduced sugar production in the liver and a delayed breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

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Ensure every time you eat, you include some protein (+1) with your carbs to reduce blood sugar spikes…

You´ve heard of the glycaemic index before – it attributes values to foods based on how much glucose they contain, and therefore the effects they´ll have on your blood sugar when you eat them…

A bagel for example has a high value on the glycaemic index (GI), while a salad will have a low value.

Most fruits, vegetables, beans, minimally processed grains, nuts, seeds, dairy, meat, fish and eggs are low GI.

And while eating carbohydrates fuels your body so you have energy during the day, eating them in combination with a small amount of protein and preferably also healthy fats (that´s the +1) will help you:

* feel fuller more quickly (so you don´t eat as much),
* slow down the rate at which your body digests the food you eat so you don´t experience huge dips in energy levels after an hour or two after you eat.

Healthy fats include:
* Avocados
* Eggs
* Dark chocolate
* Fatty fish (tuna, salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel)
* Seeds (especially chia and flaxseed)
* Nuts
* Olives
* Olive oil
* Full fat Greek yoghurt
* Tofu

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Adrenal Revive

So, as a rule of thumb, use these tricks to help keep your blood sugar steady…

* Shop wisely – buy items of food that are not high on the glycaemic index so you´re not tempted,
* Don´t deprive yourself of delicious foods – even desserts – just choose them wisely and include protein with them so you feel full quicker and eat less,
* Plan your meals and snacks and prepare or pre-pack them so you don´t make poor food choices because you´re rushed, or don´t have the right foods to hand.

Keep at it – make it a way of life rather than a task you need to fit into your already busy schedule, and you will reap the rewards…


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