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 If your children or grandchildren have kept silkworms, you’ll be all familiar with picking mulberry leaves to feed their unquenching appetite…

And while the worms get plumpy on these leaves, this plant can do the exact opposite for you…

In fact mulberry extract has been shown to be effective in the management of obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and even inflammation – which is the underlying root cause of chronic illnesses.

Find out about how it can reduce after-meal blood sugar spikes…

COMPLETE blood sugar control in as little as 60 days? 

How different would your life be if you weren’t constantly worrying about your blood sugar levels?

Imagine being able to go out for dinner and not stressing about the after-effects of your meal.

Or, foregoing your mid-afternoon naps for a game of golf, creating a new flower bed in your garden, or taking a long walk in Nature.

And, imagine not having to check your blood sugar so often because you KNOW it’s under control.

Well, I’m just about to show you how this could all possible with the help of a combination of natural nutrients that could help bring your blood sugar into COMPLETE control!

Mulberry leaf extract reduces after-meal blood sugar spikes

If you’re concerned about your blood sugar levels, you’ll be most anxious after meals, especially if you’ve had a carbohydrate-rich meal…

As you know, the body breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars – and that’s what causes your blood sugar to spike… 

But a study has shown that mulberry extract can reduce blood sugar spikes after a carb-rich meal.

It reduces the absorption of carbs during digestion – so less of it gets into the bloodstream to begin with.

It also reduces the amount of insulin your body needs to produce to lower blood sugar in the blood. 

Too much insulin is a risk factor for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

While this doesn’t mean you should pile the carbs on your plate – the opposite remains important if you’re watching your blood sugar, having this after-meal support can help reduce blood sugar spikes.

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Healthier blood sugar for LIFE couldn’t get easier than this one simple step!

With just three small capsules of FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control, you’re getting…

• Berberine – the secret key to the Metabolic Master Switch that regulates blood sugar at cellular level!
• Mulberry Leaf Extract – the sugar ‘sponge’ nutrient that reduces the entry of glucose levels into the blood stream!
• Chromium – the mineral that ushers sugar into your cells and out of your blood stream!
• Alpha-Lipoic Acid – the powerhouse in every single cell in your body which clears the way for insulin to do its job properly!
• Biotin – the blood sugar vitamin that converts glucose into a form your cells can use for energy!
• Magnesium – the blood sugar essential mineral deficient in people with insulin resistance!
• Ginger – the anti-inflammatory wonder that prevents high blood sugar levels.

This could mean no more dozing off in front of the TV… or raiding the fridge for a midnight snack… or constantly worrying about your sugar level counts…

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You will be able to buy mulberry extract supplements from discount pharmacies or health shops.

Take a supplement just before your meals, three times per day.

To a healthier and happier life,

Antoinette Pombo