Boost your BRAIN POWER in as little as 1 week?

Do you sometimes forget where you parked your car or find you arrive at the shops and cannot remember what it was you wanted?

And do you get frustrated when you suddenly lose your train of thought in a conversation?

Or struggle to find the right words to explain yourself properly?

Well you’re not alone…

More than half the world’s population over 40 suffers from some form of age-related mental degeneration… 

So, while you may feel fine, your brain is slowly and silently deteriorating.

But the sooner you act, the sooner you can help stop the damage in your brain and in fact, even boost your brain power in as little as 7 days.

This is possible thanks to a shocking discovery made by a group of scientists at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre in Canada…

It’s not only the ‘grey matter’ that matters!

When you think of intelligence, you probably think of the grey matter in your brain.

But did you know that almost half of your brain is made up of white matter, interspersed between the grey matter?

While grey matter is responsible for your ability to learn, the white matter is an intertwining system of neural connections that join all four lobes of the brain.

Think of the grey matter as a cellphone – a ‘smart’ device that has the capacity to perform complex functions. But unless you hook it up to a cellphone network, providing it with connectivity, it’s an ineffective piece of equipment.

Much like the brain – both the device (grey matter) and the network connectivity (white matter) need to be protected from damage for the brain to continue functioning properly.

But here’s the thing…

This scientific discovery could explain why you’re “silently” losing your memory

Up to 90% of people develop lesions in their white matter in their senior year.

Until recently, scientists thought this was just due to the natural process of getting older. But then the researchers from Krembil Neuroscience Centre ran a study that observed the brains of five people between the ages of 57 and 79 who already had lesions in their white matter.

Weekly, for 16 weeks, the researchers took MRI scans of each of the participants’ brains.

What they discovered was shocking.

By taking MRI scans weekly and not just at the beginning and at the end of the study, the researchers were able to observe possibly the biggest cause of memory loss, reduced processing speed and loss in the ability to reason in older people.

They observed tiny strokes happening in the white matter of the participants’ brains. They were so small that the participants themselves didn’t notice anything different – they had no weakness, visual disturbances, or speech or language difficulties when these tiny strokes took place in their brains.

But despite them not feeling any differently the damage was as clear as day in the MRIs.

The researchers called them ‘Silent Strokes’ and this important discovery could explain the cause of age-related degeneration in the majority of older people.

Click on this video to see these Silent Strokes captured by the MRIs…

How you can help stop these ‘silent strokes’ from stealing your memory

Thanks to this crucial study, you’re in the best position you’ve ever been in to help stop your brain from deteriorating.

But first let me introduce myself, I’m Antoinette Pombo, assistant researcher to one of the most brilliant medical minds, Dr Craige Golding, who is South Africa’s top Integrative Medicine Specialist for over 20 years.

And I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Dr Golding as he followed this research and developed a formula to help his patients protect their brains from this “silent” destruction while boosting their brain power. And, today he is making this formula available to you through FSPNutritionals.

It’s called ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS and it could help you better protect your precious memories and your mind starting in as little as 7 days.

Targeting the “silent” enemy

Without its protective layer, the brain is not able to transmit messages as fast and effectively anymore.

Thankfully, choline has been shown in studies to help prevent the loss of white matter. In a study consisting of 1,391 participants, choline improved both verbal memory and visual memory, and protected against cognitive decline in older people.

Choline is also important for cleaning out toxins in the brain and preventing brain cells from ageing prematurely.

You can get choline from eggs, liver, beef, salmon and cauliflower, but not in the amounts you need of this essential ‘brain nutrient’. Especially because studies have shown that a percentage of the choline found in food sources isn’t actually absorbed by the body, and this may cause a choline deficiency.

In fact, according to the US National Library of Medicine, up to 90% of Americans are thought to be deficient in choline. So there’s no reason to believe South Africans are not equally deficient in this essential nutrient.

Another problem is that choline supplements don’t cross the blood-brain barrier that easily. Yet, there couldn’t be a more important nutrient for memory and learning, attention and focus, brain energy and brain regeneration, than choline.

And that’s why Dr Golding was sure to add 250mg of choline and 30mg of caffeine which activates the choline, allowing it to reach the brain to do its work.

Next, this formula…

  Helps repair your brain…

Bacopa monnieri is another important natural herb. It enhances brain blood flow. Now, this is very important because remember how you watched the tiny strokes happening in the brain shown in the video above?

These ‘silent’ strokes could be caused by little blockages in the narrow blood vessels in the brain.

Bacopa helps increase circulation to and in the brain.

In a study involving rats, those given bacopa experienced an increase in cerebral blood flow of 25%.

It also helps regulate blood pressure, another risk factor for strokes of any size, by encouraging the release of nitric oxide.

It’s so powerful, it’s been shown to help repair neurons that have become damaged, improving brain function.

Bacopa is also a potent antioxidant which prevents cells becoming damaged due to toxins, like pollution, pesticides and radiation. 

So, it’s no surprise that this amazing Indian herb could help improve memory retention, and reduces the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. In one study, it performed better than a commonly prescribed anxiety drug!

Because of these many benefits, it was an obvious selection for Dr Golding’s ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS.

But Dr Golding wasn’t done yet…

Protect your treasured memories…

Ginkgo biloba has been specifically studied for its benefits in people suffering from cognitive decline due to reduced blood flow. It too improves cerebral blood flow in the tiny vessels found in the brain.

Ginkgo is also effective in soothing away anxiety.

So, Dr Golding added 50mg of this powerful herb into ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS.

And then…

Help safeguard your brain against age-related degeneration

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in red meat. It helps stimulate the brain to regenerate nerve cells and increases the activity of an important brain neurotransmitter called GABA. This helps improve brain function and prevents the premature ageing of brain cells.

It also increases the energy stores in brain cells and helps protect blood vessels from becoming damaged.

Some people taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine noticed a significant increase in alertness and mental clarity.

Dr Golding was sure to also add this powerful nutrient to ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS.


Help boost your brain power

And to complete this amazing brain boosting, mind protecting formula, Dr Golding insisted on adding folic acid which helps reduce inflammation in the brain and improves overall cognitive function.

Participants of a study involving 180 people scored higher in cognitive tests after taking 400mcg of folic acid for 24 months.

Together these powerful brain nutrients could transform your greatest fear into…

The renewed ability to:

  • fully focus,
  • become more astute,
  • think on your feet,
  • prevent mental fatigue during the day,
  • boost your memory,
  • and help prevent cognitive decline for years to come

Now, it really could be possible to wake up each day with a brighter mind, and a better memory than the day before…

ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS has all these quality nutrients that could help you experience a sharper mind and prevent age-related cognitive decline.

In as little as 7 days, you could:

… Notice a significant difference in your brain power!

…Be able and more confident to tackle whatever happens in the day.

…Increase your mental energy to problem-solve, and even work out the tip at the restaurant without bringing out your cellphone calculator

…Keep focused on mentally challenging tasks, like doing your tax returns or making online payments. 

…And, feel the brain fog lifting so you’re able to think clearly again. 

Who knows, you could even surprise your children when you rattle off complex facts and stats in your conversations that you weren’t able to recall before…

And, that’s why we’re making it easier for you to try ULTIMATE MEMORY PLUS today…

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That way, you can stop worrying about those ‘senior moments’ and get on with what you really want to do in the day…

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To a sharper mind,

Antoinette Pombo