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Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Dr Craige Golding and I’m not really a centenarian by age, but we’ve just published my 100th issue of Natural Health Dossier this month and I want to make it the boldest and loudest event the country has seen in a very long time!

I want every South African who values their health to have access to my esteemed monthly newsletter and so I’m slashing the subscription fee to just R29 per month (and that’s just the start – there’s more!)

But first. I wanna be clear…

It really is a give-away because I don’t get a cent out of it!

The R29 will just cover the production costs of the newsletter, which will allow me to continue to get published and share my health recommendations with you… It’s my way of giving back…

But why am I willing to do that?

Because I know what Natural Health Dossier can do for you and your loved ones!

I get calls every week thanking me for the recommendations I publish in my newsletter – some of them go back years to when I first started writing!

Take Lizette who phoned me just today…

She had read my October 2019 issue and followed my recommendations after doing a simple and inexpensive test that confirmed heavy metal poisoning!

Before that, she had had pain in her joints – especially her fingers and wrists, and suffered from terrible chronic anxiety.

On some days, her skin would break out into a terrible rash…

And her chronic fatigue was so bad, she had to leave work early at times.

She joked about the number of pills she had to take every day but the side-effects were no laughing matter…

She had to contend with headaches, nausea and confusion on top of everything else…

But today, she even volunteers at the animal shelter after work and has regained her bubbly personality! 

And, Sharon feels like she’s won the lotto! 

She contacted my offices last month to let me know she had been battling with red, tired and extremely sensitive eyes for almost half a decade… 

Over the years, Sharon had been to a number of optometrists and ophthalmologists but her symptoms would not subside; despite the varied treatments she’d been on… 

Nobody, not even her GP, had even thought that it could be Sjogren’s syndrome! 

But now, after starting on a hormone and herbal treatment, not only are her eyes better, she says she feels like a million dollars compared to just a few months ago! 

Ronald’s doctor phoned the lab in disbelief!

He’s an avid cyclist and easily covers over 200kms per week on his saddle… 

But when he went for his annual check-up last year, his doctor gave him news that shook him to the core! 

Ronald’s cholesterol was so bad, his doctor wrote him a script for one of the strongest statin drugs available… 

But having read in Natural Health Dossier about this delicious fruit that starts clearing your arteries in as little as two hours, he drove to his local health shop instead! 

Three months later at his follow-up appointment, his doctor couldn’t figure out what was happening… 

He kept looking at the latest blood test results and then back at the previous ones… 

Eventually, he picked up the phone and asked his secretary to get the lab on the line to confirm they hadn’t muddled up the report and sent him someone else’s in error…

Ronald’s LDL had dipped back into the normal range and his HDL was up over 82%!

A sharper and clearer mind for Themba…

His children were so worried about him, they would take turns watching over him… 

“After mum died, said his daughter Zindile, dad became really forgetful.” 

“He would walk to the end of the street to my house and after I let him in, on more than one occasions he asked one of my children to run to his house to check if he’d switched off the stove.” 

“Once, he ran his bath and the phone rang. It was over an hour later when he remembered the water was still running…” 

“We had to call the neighbours to help mop up all the water!” 

“So, my brothers and I took turns, we would spend the night at his place with him – to make sure he didn’t do anything that would endanger his life.” 

“Then, I read an article in Natural Health Dossier about a natural and inexpensive ingredient that’s been shown to reduce age-related memory loss, and I made sure he took it every day…” 

“After just a few days, he started to surprise us on the odd occasion, by reminding us to do things, like draw his pension money for him, or take him to the clinic for his medicine on the scheduled day…” 

“Now, a year and a bit later, his memory is much sharper and he thinks more clearly too… It’s like he’s got younger over the past year!”

More than better blood sugar levels!

Shake was obese, he had high cholesterol levels, his blood sugar was out of control and his blood pressure through the roof… 

But the biggest problem was how stubborn he was, his wife told me. 

He was determined that cutting out his much beloved desserts and sweet treats would deprive him of a life worth living… 

So, each year, his family looked on as his health continued to deteriorate… 

Then, Susan his wife, saw an article in Natural Health Dossier that changed everything… 

She started to bake using a special kind of sugar that didn’t just prevent Shake’s health from spiraling… 

It improved it! 

“He’s lost some weight – to the tune of 10 kilograms – his blood sugar has stabillised, his blood pressure dropped by 11 mmHg and his doctor is much happier with his cholesterol!” said Susan 

And he continues to fulfil his sweet tooth in a life very much worth living!

When you subscribe today for just R29 per month, you’ll gain access to all these health-transforming tips – and MUCH more!

I’ve packaged these health tips into a special edition which you will receive absolutely FREE! 

But that’s just the start… 

Remember, I want to make this offer the loudest and boldest you’ve seen before! 

So, I added an additional 96 of my favourite articles of all time into a bumper edition called 100 of My Best Heath Breakthroughs! 

And it’s yours free when you sign up today! 

Plus, you’ll continue to receive each month my new breakthrough alerts that get published in Natural Health Dossier

What kind of a difference could just a few of the following tips make to your health, and to those you love?

  • Oldest recorded Chinese tree shrinks cancerous tumours!
  • Imagine being 70 and having the body and mind of a 40-year-old! Scientists have discovered these two natural nutrients can help slow down ageing
  • Men, get your engines revving again for a vibrant sex life with this traditional Indian root!
  • Why are our doctors not offering this unique breathing technique as a cost-effective treatment to asthma?
  • Good News for Glaucoma Sufferers! If your eyesight is continuing to fail you… Even though you’re on medication… Then you have to try this!
  • Don’t waste your hard-earned money oncollagen creams! Here’s the right way to replenish your collagen for less than R20!
  • Do you suffer from gallstones? If so, add these two spices to your diet today and say goodbye to gallbladder attacks forever!
  • Studies show taking this supplement straight after a stroke reduces damage to the brain!
  • Don’t let a septic infection derail your immune system and attack your organs! This natural herb could save your life!
  • Scientists discover the very same drug used to cure heroin addicts holds the answer to managing your rheumatoid arthritis
  • Varicose veins? Here’s how you can improve your circulation and the elasticity of your veins with part of a fruit you’ve been throwing in the bin!
  • A natural mouthwash to prevent and heal mouth sores from chemotherapy
  • And many more (I’ve packed 100 of my best breakthroughs into this free gift – it’s over 280 pages and worth R2,000!) 

And you also get my long-standing classic suite of ‘Must-Have’ health solution give-aways! 

Classic # 1: Doctor’s Treasury of Natural Remedies… 

Over 490 pages of brilliant medical insights – and the true underlying causes behind some of the most dreaded diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more like… 

  • Soothe the symptoms of IBS and colitis
  • Fight lupus without dangerous prescription drugs
  • The natural secret to great sex after menopause
  • Detect and reduce your prostate cancer risk with these simple steps
  • The mineral breakthrough helping terminal patients defy death
  • Natural strategies for keeping your hearing, vision, and thinking sharp well into old age
  • Real help for macular degeneration and cataracts

Classic # 2: How to Protect Your Heart and Save Your Life 

Natural solutions I use every day in my office with my heart disease patients that address the root cause of the problem. 

  • Breakthrough treatment for heart disease: How to re-fuel your energy-starved heart
  • Use these six blood-flow secrets to slash your risk of heart attack and stroke NATURALLY 
  • Do this for a healthier heart in under 4 weeks
  • And much more . . .

Classic # 2: Saving Your Brain from Alzheimer’s

Discover ways to prevent the onset and progress of Alzheimer’s and possibly even stop it in its tracks! 

  • What causes Alzheimer’s and how to reduce your risk for this memory-robbing disease
  • How to clear out cellular debris with my Healthy Brain, Sharper Mind Programme to maintain a lifetime of mental vitality
  • Simple strategies to keep dementia and Parkinson’s at bay
  • And much more . . .

Classic # 3: Starve Cancer Cells Out of Your Body

Arm yourself with cancer fighting strategies and fortify your immune system to fight this dreaded disease with a powerful punch.  

  • A simple blood test that can help you detect cancer a year and a half before it hits
  • How fighting the one thing your cancer needs to survive can help ensure you never get that cancer diagnosis.
  • As well as how adding these vegetables to your diet could prevent family cancers like breast and prostate cancer.

Classic # 4: Defeat Diabetes in 8 Weeks!

Discover my five-step plan to help improve or even defeat type 2 diabetes! 

  • If you’re one of the millions of people suffering with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes
  • Why you shouldn’t follow the American Diabetes Association’s dietary advice, and what you SHOULD eat!
  • The hidden link between your gut and diabetes
  • And so much more…

Classic # 5: Banish joint pain without drugs!

Confused as to how to tackle your arthritis pain with so many conflicting messages in the mainstream? Fear no more, I explain what you need to do no matter which arthritis is keeping you up at night. 

  • Identify the REAL culprit behind your arthritis.
  • Experience complete pain relief in as little as one month!
  • Discover why your pain medication could be causing your pain.
  • And so much more…

Classic # 6: Reverse Male Ageing Syndrome!

If you’re a man, I bet no-one has taken the time to explain to you what you can REALLY expect from Andropause – the male version of menopause. And if you’re a woman, you’ll be able to help your loved one balance his hormone levels naturally.  

  • How to restore your drive and energy!
  • Lose the spare tyre around your waist.
  • Naturally improve your testosterone levels.
  • And so much more…

Classic # 7: Covered Up! Natural Treatments for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and More…

  • The TRUTH about how prostate cancer cells are destroyed in studies by the stuff that makes flowers yellow… (It’s weird but wonderfully true.)
  • The cholesterol LIE that could be making you sick and giving you cancer and diabetes (and the new solution that could get you off statins FOREVER)
  • The REAL reason many people get diabetes is NOT FROM EATING – and the shockingly easy way you could “flush” the disease right out of your body, for good…The EFFECTIVE diagnosis of the common parasite that’s making us sluggish, fat, cranky and sick. (How to know if you have it – and how to get rid of the infestation inside you.) 

So, let’s recap – for just R29 per month, you get:

*  Dr Golding’s monthly newsletter containing health breakthroughs 

(Value: R100 per month – you pay just R29!)

* 494-page Doctor’s Treasury of Health Secrets Encyclopaedia e-book

(Value: R499 – yours FREE!)

* How to Protect Your Heart and Save Your Life e-book

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* Saving Your Brain from Alzheimer’s e-book

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* Starve Cancer Cells Out of Your Body e-book

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* Banish Joint Pain Without Drugs e-book

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* Saving Your Body from Diabetes e-book

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* Natural Hormone Solutions e-book

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* Covered Up! Natural Solutions for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more! e-book

(Value: R149 – yours FREE!)

* My very latest bumper issue of over 280 pages of my best 100 breakthroughs, published!

(Value: R2,000! – yours FREE!)

That’s over R3500 in FREE gifts to you PLUS a discount of R70 EVERY month on a newsletter that can transform your health, protect you against illness and keep you healthy into your old age!

I’m not aware of any other deal as BIG and BOLD as this in South Africa, in a very long time…

And, if at any time you feel you and your loved ones are not benefitting from a healthier life, then simply cancel your subscription and we’ll stop all future issues and debits.

It really is as simple as that so I hope to hear from you today to reserve your subscription to my 100 edition-old monthly digital newsletter, Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier!

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