Complete blood sugar control in 90 days or less?

You could help stop the blood sugar seesaw with this ‘accidental’ discovery!

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This is the blood sugar secret that can make your health and energy soar…

Imagine… A Master Switch built into every one of your cells that ‘trips’ the instant your blood sugar levels go towards the high side of normal? `

What if, along with your healthy diet and exercise, you KNEW your blood sugar would stay right in the middle of the healthy range – and you could go on with your life and not have to worry about it so much? That’s just a small taste of what’s in store for you…

This discovery is so exciting, you may never have to worry about your blood sugar levels ever again!

You see it all started with a 3000-year-old home remedy that was used to treat digestive disorders and fever. It’s an extract from the Indian barberry plant called Berberine, and up until recently, scientists had dismissed it as an old wives’ tale…

But then…

In 1988, Chinese doctors gave this extract to hospitalised diabetic patients suffering from diarrhoea. And, that’s when they ‘accidentally’ discovered its POWERFUL effects in reducing blood sugar levels!

When researchers gave people the extract and then monitored their blood sugar levels, the results were impressive…

Fasting blood glucose improved – in just 90 days.

Now that’s fast!  But it was only the beginning…

Could this be your second chance at stable, healthier blood sugar?

You see, scientists then discovered berberine activates an enzyme in our cells known as the Metabolic Master Switch.

And when this happens:

  • blood sugar levels stabilise,
  •  insulin sensitivity in cells improves,
  •  muscles use more glucose for energy,
  •  sugar production in the liver reduces

As more studies rolled out, scientists were more and more astonished.

That’s because…

Berberine could ALSO help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride production… lower blood pressure… and help with weight loss!

Imagine the potential of reversing type 2 diabetes, improving cardiovascular health and boosting cellular energy from just one plant extract!

Just think how different your life would be if you KNEW your blood sugar was staying in the SAFE zone?

Spend MORE time relaxing and enjoying life!

That’s what could happen when you “trip” the master switch. We’ve never seen another natural substance that can do ALL THIS for your blood sugar and metabolism.

And as powerful as it is on its own, we’ve discovered a way that could to help make your numbers EVEN HEALTHIER. It happens when you combine the Master Switch Activator with another nutrient. This nutrient acts more like a sponge soaking up the sugar in your body…

The ‘Sugar Sponge’ that could help keep your blood sugar healthy…

The great Roman lyric poet Horace, who lived from 65 to 8 BC once wrote, “A man will pass his summers in health, who will finish his luncheon with black mulberries”.

And, for good reason…

In a study published by the American Diabetes Association, participants who took mulberry leaf extract, along with sucrose, had significantly lower blood sugar levels.

You see, this medicinal plant helps slow the breakdown of sugars in the gut so they’re absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream. That means less sugar spikes after meals!

And that’s only the half of it. Another study reviewed in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found mulberry leaf extract helped increase glucose uptake in cells by as much as 54%. Which is exactly where the sugar needs to be so the cells can use it for energy!

It seems the poet wasn’t wrong – all those centuries ago… he may well have identified the biological key to maintaining balanced blood sugar! And when you combine it with the Master Switch Activator – you’ll have the framework for healthier blood sugar…

Dr Golding was so impressed with the combination of mulberry leaf extract and berberine, he designed a blood sugar support formula around these nutrients. It’s called Complete Gluco-Control.

It’s the only formula that combines the Master Switch Activator AND mulberry leaf extract, PLUS ALL the critical supporting nutrients. The end result could be something you may not have experienced in many years – the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING your blood sugar is staying healthy!

And, as beneficial as the combination of the Master Switch Activator and mulberry leaf extract could be – there are a few “foundation nutrients” that could help give you complete peace of mind.

For starters, your blood sugar levels will suffer if you’re low on a certain mineral…

The Blood Sugar Leveller

In 1957, researchers discovered that a compound in brewers’ yeast helped prevent elevated blood sugar levels. Further studies identified that it was Chromium in brewers’ yeast that offered these health benefits!

Then in the 1960s, three hospitalised diabetic patients who were given chromium intravenously for two weeks REVERSED their diabetes. They no longer experienced neuropathy, weight loss or insulin resistance.

Since then, chromium has been the subject of dozens of studies that show that it’s essential for blood sugar control. Especially since scientists established that as you age, your body doesn’t absorb chromium in the digestive tract as well as it used to, and to make matters worse, natural levels of all beneficial nutrients, including chromium, are largely depleted in foods to begin with, thanks to modern farming methodologies. Yet, this is one mineral you definitely want to be sure you’re getting enough of… It’s one of your body’s best defences against insulin resistance.

Chromium actually helps increase the number of insulin receptors in your cells which draw glucose in from the blood stream into the cells – where it can be used for energy and stored in the liver and muscles.

It could give you the confidence of KNOWING your blood sugar levels are under control… And boost your energy levels so you feel focused and alert all through the day. So if it ever seems like your numbers are on the high side of normal, a little extra chromium could be just what you’ve been missing. That’s why Dr Golding included chromium in Complete Gluco-Control.

But he didn’t stop there.

Chromium and this powerful antioxidant form a sugar-reducing powerhouse duo in EVERY cell in your body

The cells in your body make a particular organic compound that has EXTRAORDINARY antioxidant properties!

It’s called Alpha-lipoic acid and one of its jobs is to help enzymes turn nutrients into energy.  

But it has another use up its sleeve… Scientists believe it helps lower blood sugar by removing fat that has accumulated in muscle cells, which interferes with the cells’ ability to use insulin effectively.

In one study, it lowered blood sugar levels by 64%!

And, because of its antioxidant properties, it helps reduce inflammation which can also lead to insulin resistance.

Alpha-lipoic acid has also been shown to lower HbA1c levels which means long term blood sugar control with confidence!

Plus, it could reduce the symptoms of nerve damage caused by persistent high blood sugar.

The problem is, your cells only make a tiny amount of Alpha-lipoic acid, so you have to get it from your diet… But even that’s not enough…

Supplements pack as much as 1,000 times more alpha-lipoic acid than food sources, and supplementing this powerhouse could be a must for blood sugar control!

But if you want to really help stop worrying about your blood sugar and start focusing on lowering your golf handicap… how to make the perfect potjie… or how to hook that trout into your cooler box, this vitamin is essential in our comprehensive blood sugar formula…

The blood sugar-friendly vitamin

Biotin is a very useful B vitamin. It acts as a coenzyme that helps your body convert nutrients into protein, fats and carbs.

It could be particularly useful for healthy blood sugar levels because it converts carbohydrates into a form of glucose your cells can use for energy. This allows the glucose to move more easily out of your blood stream and into your cells where it can be used effectively.

Studies have shown that pairing biotin with chromium could be even more helpful in keeping blood sugar under control and reducing HbA1c levels – which measures your blood sugar levels over a period of about three months.

And, if you have high cholesterol, you’ll be pleased to know this blood sugar-friendly vitamin could help with that too.

The ‘missing link’ in your blood sugar equation

Low levels of Magnesium are associated with insulin resistance.

Researchers have found that people with insulin resistance lose magnesium in their urine – which leaves too little of it in the body for the 70 odd functions it’s needed for… including blood sugar control. 

In fact, it’s DIRECTLY involved in keeping blood sugar levels healthy by helping regulate the secretion of insulin and activating it in your body’s tissues.

Magnesium also acts as the ‘spark’ for your metabolism. It’s responsible for kicking off the process that ‘burns up’ glucose… And when that happens, your blood sugar levels are better able to stay in the narrow range that gives you complete peace of mind…

In a review of studies, magnesium helped reduce fasting blood sugar levels… for every 50mg increase in magnesium intake, fasting blood sugar reduced by 3%.

So, boosting your magnesium intake could be essential if you want blood sugar control! And then there’s one more final nugget that could stop high blood sugar in its tracks…

The glucose supporting ingredient in your spice rack!

You’ve read about it in reports about joint pain, morning sickness and digestive woes… But Ginger has so much more to offer, especially when it comes to helping lower blood sugar.

In a 2015 study, ginger extract reduced fasting blood sugar levels by 12% and improved HbA1c levels by 10%!

It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and you’ll recall that inflammation is one of the biggest culprits responsible for high blood sugar.

In another study, researchers observed a direct correlation between elevated inflammation and a rise in blood sugar levels.

This could make ginger extract a good blood sugar support nutrient.

Put all these powerful natural nutrients together and you could experience complete blood sugar control…

Thanks to South Africa’s Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dr Craige Golding, these ingredients are available in FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control!

They could help you stop imagining what life could be like if you didn’t have to constantly worry about your blood sugar anymore!

Walk into your doctor’s office for your next check-up with confidence.

Get on with your busy schedule and not stress about your blood sugar levels…

In as little as 90 days, your biggest blood sugar hurdles could all be a thing of the past.

It couldn’t get easier than this – one simple step could help you get to healthier blood sugar…

With just three small capsules of FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control, you’re getting…

  • Berberine – the secret key to the Metabolic Master Switch that helps regulate blood sugar at cellular level!
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract – the sugar ‘sponge’ nutrient that helps reduce the entry of glucose levels into the blood stream!
  • Chromium – the mineral that ushers sugar into your cells and out of your blood stream!
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid – the powerhouse in every single cell in your body which helps clear the way for insulin to do its job properly!
  • Biotin – the blood sugar vitamin that converts glucose into a form your cells can use for energy!
  • Magnesium – the blood sugar essential mineral deficient in many people with insulin resistance!
  • Ginger – the anti-inflammatory wonder that helps prevent high blood sugar levels.

This could mean no more dozing off in front of the TV… or raiding the fridge for a midnight snack… or worrying about your sugar level counts all the time…

And, your peace of mind is GUARANTEED!

We’re so sure FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control could help you manage your blood sugar levels with confidence that we’re backing it up with our Iron-Clad 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

That means that if you’ve taken FSPNutritionals’ Complete Gluco-Control as directed on the label in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, and you’re not satisfied with the progress you’re making in managing your blood sugar levels within 90 days, simply return the bottles – even if they’re partially empty, or empty – and we will refund you your purchase price.

You have nothing to lose and so much to potentially gain with trying FSPNutritionals’ CompleteGluco-Control today!

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