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Do you find yourself thinking less and less about having hot passionate sex… you know, the way you used to?

While downing a few aphrodisiacs may work sometimes, it’s better to identify the real cause for your loss of libido so that you can treat that instead of trying to inflate your libido temporarily every so often. 

Read on to find out what could be behind your lagging libido and how to treat it…

4 Reasons why you could be losing interest in sex and how to treat them…

While some of these troubleshooting areas seem to be purely physical, there’s a definite link between the physical and psyche… A physical trigger may cause you to ‘switch off’ pyschologically, for fear of not ‘performing’ well enough for instance.

1. Poor circulation: If your blood is not flowing through your blood vessels properly, you won’t have enough energy for sex. A weak blood supply to the penis will also prevent you from getting an erection.

Reasons for poor circulation include obesity, diabetes, varicose veins, blood clots, artery and heart disease.

Treat the underlying cause to improve your love life. Pine bark supplements, gingko biloba, chilli, cayenne pepper and ginger help get the circulation going.

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2. Leaky blood vessels: This condition prevents the blood from staying in the penis long enough for you to maintain a hard erection.  

Reasons for leaky blood vessels include inflammation of any kind – from an infection, an immune response, cancer, an auto-immune disease or any other chronic disease. 

New research shows that a protein, angiopoietin-1 (Ang1) could help people with this condition. Ask your doctor about this. 

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  1. Hormonal disturbances:Ask your doctor to check your hormone levels. Not just testosterone, but also your oestrogen, progesterone, oxytocin and vasopressin levels. They should all be in balance.

    As you age, your body makes less hormones and this may be the reason you’re noticing changes in your body and psyche. 

    Natural ways to boost these hormones include: Exercise, eating a balanced diet consisting of healthy fats, protein and carbs, reducing stress levels, increasing your vitamin D intake and getting a good night’s rest every night. On that note, check whether you suffer from sleep apnea which could disturb your sleep without you realising it. 

    4. Pharmaceutical drugs: Check the product inserts of all the medication you’re taking. Some drugs, especially blood pressure drugs, can lead to sexual problems. 

    Treat the underlying cause naturally with herbs and nutrients where possible.

    Delving deep to find the underlying cause of a low libido could finally put you back on the right track to a healthy sex drive. 

    Antoinette Pombo